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Ignore School Quality


Many parents have abandoned CUSD for smaller private schools because they prefer smaller class sizes. But Hung Wei and the 3 board members are telling people only big school can provide better resources to benefit students. It’s time to use common sense to judge if they told the truth. School closure will turn more remaining ones into mega schools

Without good schools, how can we sustain excellence? Don’t think it’s none of your business only because you don’t have kids at school. Bad school board

members hurt our students’ future, which damages our entire community!

Part of the enrollment decline was because parents are disappointed with CUSD’s school quality and mis-management. It should be fixed policywise. 

CUSD was the last among all districts in our county to reopen schools during the pandemic, resulting in a 2.4 times higher enrollment decline than surrounding schools. Something was wrong, we need good board members to gain the majority and fix it!!!

Students may be shifted from west San Jose, or south-west Cupertino to other areas, after closing Meyerholz, John Muir, Regnart, adding more traffic and pressure on other schools. Lincoln+Kennedy+Monta Vista area was famous for traffic jams in the past. By adding Regnart students, it is just getting WORSE! 

In the past, West San Jose schools worked like buffers for overflow students in crowded area like east Cupertino and Sunnyvale. Now, West San Jose only has one huge neighborhood school (Dilworth) with 700 students in this area. Is it reasonable?