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Jerry Liu’s speech on school closure

On October 22nd, local residents gathered for an event at Hoover Park, adjacent to Regnart school. Many of the residents are concerned about school closures. Current CUSD Board Trustee Jerry Liu gave a speech to address this issue.

Recently, there has been a lot of rumors spread through various channels. Some have said that all the trustees of the CUSD board supported the closure of Meyerholz, Muir, and Regnart since there was no financial way for these schools to continue to operate. Others have said that they were all against closures but had to because there was low enrollment. All these rumors are an attempt to make it appear that our five CUSD board members were in agreement. This is FALSE! To be specific, they want to claim that there as no perspective difference between

Lori Cunningham, Sylvia Leong, Phyllis Vogel (voted YES on school closure)
Satheesh Madhathil, Jerry Liu (voted NO on school closure)

Well, the truth is that TWO Board Members, Jerry and Satheesh voted against school closures in 2021! Jerry Liu even mentioned that he is surprised that suddenly everyone is opposing school closure (in an effort of revisionist history). 

Would school closures really save CUSD money? Jerry Liu explains that it’s like saving 50 cents when we have a $200 in our pocket. And why would you did so much damage to the whole community just to save 50 cents? It makes no sense. Was it really worth it?

From the data, we’ve already known that CUSD has the most crowded schools in the area even before the schools were closed. Although enrollment has declined, is school closure the right decision? Jerry, Satheesh and Darcy’s answer is NO.

Now, it is clear which Board members care about community and which do not. We must elect a school Board majority that represent residents, parents and communities first.

Vote for Jerry Liu, Satheesh Madhathil, Darcy Paul! Vote for CHANGE!