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The true face of Ava Chiao

Ava doesn’t have any kids herself and she has never been involved in CUSD. The only CUSD meeting she ever attended after she announced to run, she claimed a new parcel tax just showing how disconnected she is from our district. She doesn’t know our community or our issues. Her own mailer is designed to mislead. She tells people that she is a school teacher knows about school issues but she is a teacher in East San Jose in a school district that couldn’t be any more different from the CUSD community. She was never a part of our community and she moved to her parents’ house in CUSD just to qualify for the campaign. Unlike our other candidates who either volunteered in the PTA, or have been parents in CUSD and engaged with CUSD’s many hot topics, Ava has not. Ava is DIFFERENT.

But let’s go even deeper. Ava’s history isn’t CUSD. It’s aspirations for bigger political dreams with the Democratic party. She is not spending time understanding why CUSD looked at removing advanced math. She is spending time looking at how to become chair of the California Teachers Association.

It’s clear that Ava is running only to serve her own political agenda.

Ava Chiao claims that she is the sole endorsement of Teachers’ Union (CEA). It was the CUSD Teachers’ Union President who called our parents bullies for wanting to have their childrean come back into the classroom. We need someone focus on our kids and our schools, not playing politics!